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I spent last weekend moving out of the apartment in which I lived for the past five years. It was the home of many memories that range from the process of healing after having my adrenal gland removed, being with my youngest daughter in her high school years, practicing logevitology and living a work-study-sleep life style for the last two-years in obtaining my MBA.

Now, it’s time to move on to a simpler life. There were many things I accumulated since the last time I simplified my life, moving from a house to the apartment. “Stuff” makes life feel simpler, richer or more satisfying. After all, stuff takes up a lot of space. For example:  I noticed that I regularly used one drawer for my clothing out of a 6-drawer dresser.  Therefore, continuing to simplify life seems like a good way to go.

The Millionaire Club sent two wonderful workers who did some serious heavy lifting. They thanked me for the work and my generosity. At the same time, I appreciate that there are always people who contribute to my life with their gifts. There is a Chinese saying, “You and those whom you are sharing a boat ride with, were fated to be together for the ride.” We meet people, work with them, then take separate paths after influencing each other. It’s not coincidence for people who show up in our life.

The two workers told me that Android phones were the best since they enjoyed using the free apps. They represented a group of people who are earning minimum wage and are not willing to pay for apps. One of them seemed to be in his mid 30s and the other, mid 50s.

While I work hard at my job helping developers create apps for mobile devices, I couldn’t stop thinking about how app developers could make money if their consumers want to have free apps.

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