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Being a mom is not easy. From carrying babies for months to raising them up, we make mistakes and we learn along the way. I always believe our children were sent to us to help us grow up.

A conversation with my 3-year-old after a doctor visit (many years ago, in the car)

I: “David, Isn’t our doctor nice to make you feel better? Don’t you want to be a doctor when you grow up?”
He (from the car seat in the back): “Mommy, you can be a doctor when you grow up. I am going to be a superman when I grow up”.

A conversation with my adult kid last week.

I: “If I get a digit keyboard piano, do you think I will play it?”
She: “Nope”
She: “Maybe… if you find an attractive teacher”

Continuous learning!

Happy mother’s day to all moms this Sunday!

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