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Last year, I had a profound coaching experience as a client. My coach asked me what I wanted to do and I hadn’t done yet. I named a few coaching business related tasks and then, I shared that I wanted to sell my house and moved closer to my parents’. My dad was recovering from cancer treatment and thought I lived too far for him to visit. My coach reflected back to me – “sounds like you have a lot of passion towards your coaching business. And I also wonder how important it was for you to move since you showed very little energy about it.” I was shocked to hear the reflection. She was right. I didn’t believe that I could organize enough to show my house for sale. I didn’t mean what I said about moving. After the shock, I decided to honor my words. I got my action together and put my house on the market. Three months later, I sold my house and moved closer to my parents. I did what I needed to do to make it happen even there was a lot of work. I am glad I had the coach!

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