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I had an amazing experience attending the Longevitology
workshop. Tzu-Chen Lin, the teacher, gradually opened our chakras during several classes and taught us how to adjust energy for ourselves and others. We learned to bring the energy from the universe to the person we were adjusting. Love, compassion and forgiveness provide us the space needed for energy to flow freely. By restoring energy balance, we may promote the body’s ability to heal.

We practiced energy work with each other and I felt the energy flowing beneath my
hands. We were advised that with more meditation and practice, the greater the impact. The class was held in Vancouver, taught in Mandarin and interpreted into
English, Cantonese and Korean. There were about a hundred students in the

After the class, I did energy work on my elderly parents daily for a week. They
both had a positive response from the work.I am very encouraged.

This study is called Longevitology (Chang Sen Xue in Chinese, which translates as “study of long life”). The general theory of health and illness underlying Longevitology is the same as in other forms of Asian medicine: Good health is the result of energy
(referred to as Ch’i, Qi or Prana) and blood flowing smoothly through the organ systems of the body; illness results when the flow of ch’i is disrupted. When proper energy flow has been restored, conditions are optimized for the body to heal. Please
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