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Do you ever have heart-filling experience out of your work?

I often feel "high" after a coaching session because of the overwhelming heart-filling sensation. It’s hard to describe the experience because it’s more than feeling accomplished or feeling happy.

I was in a coaching workshop today. When watching three beautiful individuals had tears in their eyes after a coaching session, I felt so grateful. They were so committed to their life that they were open to coaching by coaches they didn’t know. They allowed me to impact their life in such a profound way that I felt honored by their trust. Knowing that they are going to touch many people’s lives with what they learned today, I felt "high"!

Chinese saying – "if people happened to be on the same boat, that’s a karma we caused through prayers and practice. What if we happened to be with each other in a hear-to-heart session with unconditional acceptance and total authenticity? It must be destined through tons of causing!

I love coaching and what it offers!


Hsuan-hua Chang – Certified Professional Coach

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