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In the 10th ICF (International Coach Federation), I attended a great workshop – Leadership Investigation: Linking Who We Are With What We Do as Executive Coaches – led by Master coaches Linda Miller and Madeleine Homan.


We were asked what made us unique as executive coaches and the difference between working in our business vs working on our business. Then, we created a Leadership Point Of View by exploring who were the leaders we admired, what qualities they had and what leadership qualities we had as leaders. The theory is that knowing ourselves as leaders is vitally important when coaching executives.


We used a Visual Explore tool for self-discover,  we did small group coaching with the pictures we identified ourselves with and then we had a big group debrief. The whole process was very powerful and I got a lot of clarity on my executive/leader coaching  role. The Visual Explore tool can be purchased through


Hsuan-hua Chang; Certified Professional Coach

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