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My dear friend, as a leader, was excited about his new experience of “whole brain learning process”. He shared the process as Learning, Reflecting (by writing down what was learned), Sharing and Celebrating. Using this process, both right brain and left brain are connected in learning new knowledge and learning becomes more effective.  For example, an executive can use this process to speed up the training pace for new employees and generate more revenues by saving training time.

When I read Presence and learned the process of U – Sensing (observe, observe, observe), Presencing (retreat and reflect) and Realizing (Act swiftly, with a natural flow), I saw the learning process connect us(self) with the world.  Therefore, an executive won’t want to “change his organization”; instead, he knows that he is the gateway for the organization coming into a new world. There is very little “doing the change”. The learning becomes an emerging process.

As a leader, how do you choose a learning process to support your organization growth?

Hsuan-hua Chang, Leadership Coach

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