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It’s been a busy month
since I took on a new assignment. It’s reflection time.  Tasks are not challenging. I process them fast and
multi-task efficiently. Serving customers is not a problem since I am well
supported and appreciated by the external teams. The learning has been on building
report and trust within an established team as a new comer. I noticed my colleagues
interpreted me with their perspectives. I noticed how they connected with each
other. I noticed my internal stories about them. The learning was intense. A
reflection session with my buddy Bob took me to a deeper dive – what is the
most important for me and how I reacted when I was triggered?

In “Learning in
Relationship”, Ron Short stated “Any effort to change your organization must
begin with you and your specific interactions with specific individuals.” “You
create the impact that others have on you”.

Now, I know my values, fear
and the impact I created for myself, I know how to change my part of dance. I
appreciate Bob, who is a dear friend and a wise teacher. I appreciate all of
the personal growth work I have been engaged. They served me well to face challenges.
I appreciated the opportunity to be challenged so I could continue to learn and

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