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“Making sure someone achieves certain performance levels is managing. Helping them handle problems for themselves is coaching.” (from Coaching:The Ten Killer Myths from Harvard Management)

A leader is someone who is able to coach his people so that they are inspired  to be their best and to do what they can do.  A leader is someone who has vision and sees the power of team work. A leader is someone who creates new leader in his team so he can leave and the team stays strong. A leader is someone who sees himself being at service instead of being in control.

A manager is someone who focuses the delivery of his team and doesn’t see the value of support ing other teams. A manager is someone who guards his leadership and maintains his control. A manager is someone who manages his team instead of leveraging his team’s wisdom and power.

A manager can be transformed to be a leader if he has a boss who is a leader. Or he hires a good leadership coach. A trained leadership coach can support one to develop his leadership skills and competencies.

“The Extraordinary Leader – Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders” by John H Zenger and Joseph Folkman is a good book to read for leaders and managers!

And I am an excellent leadership coach available for you to hire! Email me at [email protected].

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