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I am reading "The CCL Handbook of Coaching – A guide for The Leader Coach".
I’d like to share this particular paragraph with leaders.
"Coaching is first and foremost a way to facilitate learning. For leaders and managers at all levels and in all kinds of organizations, the most powerful lesson arise from experience. But it’s not enough to just have the experience. People need a way to process that experience: to reflect on it, place it in context, and create plans for acting on what they have learned. Coaching is an effective tool that can be used to help people learn from their experience."
In an organization, if people don’t feel safe about their positions, they tend not to learn from the breakdown experience. That’s the time they feel that they need to protect themselves to escape from the blame or they tend to blame to protect themselves.
If a leader coach can guide people to learn from the experience, the organization’s integrity, effectiveness and success all can be sustained. That’s a powerful postion to stand.
Hsuan-hua Chang, Leadership coach
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