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In the book of “It’s Not About The Coffee”, Starbucks Former President Howard Behar said “If you grow people, the people grow the business” He said “We are in the people business serving coffee, not the coffee business serving people”. So he built a people-centered organization.

Sometimes, when I talked corporation politics with my peers, I doubted if my leadership coaching philosophy would work in a big organization. When leaders are occupied by performance, people are often missed. “People come first” is my philosophy.

When I read this book and know there is a successful leader who shares the same philosophy of mine, I feel relieved and hopeful for my work. His ten principles of Personal Leadership are worth to read and reflect. I love the last one especially – Dare to dream! He said “Big dreams mean big goals, big hopes, big joys. Say yes, and enjoy all that you are doing, and help others to do the same.”


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