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Today, we completed the “Creativity and Innovation” class with an intensive 7-hour simulation to save a financially at-risk company. I was totally inspired by what I learned from this class; different innovation types, levels and processes, case studies, research project on Great Innovation Product “Xbox 360 Kinect”, the workshop of “Six Thinking Hats” and today’s simulation.

I learned that inspiration occurs before creativity. Since I am easily inspired, my creativity is triggered and new ideas emerge. I also have the persistence to implement my ideas.  I can be disruptive for a culture that expects compliance. I also can be an inspiration for people who have an appetite for “what is possible”.

In one of the classes, we watched a video about “IDEO”, an innovation design firm that relies on its processes to design excellent products. The CEO, David Kelly, said that he hires people who don’t listen and he doesn’t put them in a hierarchy. “That’s how they get great ideas.” He embraces diversity, creativity and inclusion. The culture reflected the importance that management has attached to create a democracy of ideas. IDEO teams start the process with questions, and then move to observing and networking to gather data on their initial questions, and conclude with rapid prototyping.

This class gave me an academic foundation of innovation theories and practical applications. I appreciated the opportunity to lead a company as a CEO in today’s simulation. When disruptive innovation emerged in the last hour, passion and judgment took over; we ended up aiming for better performance and sacrificed the process and team work. In reflection, I understand the art of the process, the importance of having a strategy, getting the right people in the right seats and having clarity on roles and responsibilities. I also expereinced the destructive impact of performance expectations and less developed leadership.

Thanks to my team and professor Paul Collins!

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