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I Love to Write

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” — Isaac Asimov.

This speaks to me. I love to write!

For years, I asked my kids to help edit. Most of the time, I had to wait and beg to get my writing back faster. They did great jobs for me and joked that the last thing I said to them before dying would be, “Can you edit my blog?”

When I started to use Google Docs, I noticed it corrected my common English errors, and I didn’t have a dependency on publishing anymore. What a treat!

Then my webmaster called on me – “please get a grammar-checking tool for your blogs, so I don’t have to edit them for you.” Really?  So I picked up the Grammarly free version. I quickly learned that Grammarly does a much better job editing poor English.

To my surprise, I received an insight from Grammarly with an analysis of my last 7 weeks of writing.  Relatively to its users, I am 88% more productive, and my #1 tone is confidence. How about that? I love technology to shed light on what I don’t see clearly.

Do you have the right tool for the work you are passionate about?

Do you have the confidence to do what you are passionate about?

Do you get feedback to challenge you to do better work?

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