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Business leaders all share similar problems and I’ve learned through my years of coaching that hiring and retention are one of the top concerns that keep business leaders up at night.

On the surface, hiring seems like a simple process: Compose a job description, interview a few folks, and find the best candidate to fill the position. The new hire should be able to get the job done, right? However, research has shown that as many as 50% of new hires either underperform or leave their positions early due to job dissatisfaction or personal conflicts with managers. How can business leaders avoid this frustrating, costly trend? The answer is actually quite simple: by applying a well-designed hiring process.

One of the tools I apply to guide my clients through their hiring process is the Emergenetics Selection Process (ESP). Here are the steps I recently took in helping one client hire a sales manager:

  • I received a job description from my client.
  • We had a conversation about the job, and used the 9 ESP Motivators to evaluate the job requirements and rate the importance of 4 ESP aptitudes in decision making. This job analysis exercise helped the hiring manager gain clarity about the job requirements in order to prioritize skills and characteristics needed.
  • Hiring manager edited the job description based on the prioritized requirements.
  • I set up an online assessment for candidates.
  • After candidates had taken the assessment, I had a conversation with my client on assessment results and helped him make a hiring decision.

This simple and well-designed process can save a lot of time and money by getting a specific position filled. In his famous leadership book Good to Great, Jim Collins says: “to build a successful organization and team, you must get the right people on the bus”. This process helps to get the right people on the bus and in the right seat.

The ROI is incredible since the assessment result can be used for onboarding the new hire to do his/her job. Retention becomes a non-issue when the right person is onboard in a position aligned with their interest and skills. A compatible and competent employee is a happy camper!

Are you interested in learning more about ESP? I will be happy to provide more detailed information. If you are using another tool that works for you, please share with us.

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