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Our happiness is really based on 4 basic hormones: Endorphins (the pain/stress reliever), Dopamine (pleasure from reward), Serotonin (the mood booster), Oxytocin (the love hormone)

We feel a greater sense of well-being with higher levels of these hormones.

  • The list below shows how to boost higher levels of these hormones.
  • Endorphins – exercising, laughing, meditation, listening to music, ultraviolet light, acupuncture
  • Dopamine – eating, laughing, meditation, achieving a goal, getting enough sleep, having a bath
  • Serotonin – exercising, laughing, meditation, sun exposure, nature walks, eating complex carbohydrate food, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains)
  • Oxytocin – exercising, socializing, physical touch, cuddling, hugs, petting animals, helping others

Do one small thing today for your well-being. Have a happy day!

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