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Happiness can be found simply in planting spring flowers or as complex as in getting my tax done. For the last two weeks, I have been “grounding” myself many times so I could perform my most unfavorite task – tax preparation.

Every time I sat down, I asked myself not to get up for 30 minutes, so I could get some work done. It was challenging to do when the work was so tedious. Could that be the reason my receipts piled up?

Every year I dreaded the work and felt tremendous pressure. This year, I started earlier, and a short chunk of time at a time worked well. My stress level was low, and I was ready for my tax guy. What a relief!

Do you fancy balance in your life? Will that make you happier? I completed a group coaching this morning on “Finding Balance.” After meeting once a week for the last six weeks, our group started to resonate with the idea of “finding and keeping Balance” and the impact of a more balanced life.

We all wear different hats and want to balance our roles in our limited time of day. What part do we spend the most time in, and does that role matter most to us? And in what ways do our roles come into conflict with each other? How do we integrate mindfulness into our daily routines to reflect on what matters to us?

When my group opened up at the first meeting, even though they didn’t know each other, I knew we were off to a good start. Vulnerability continued to invite authentic conversations and deepen learning. As a result, we were energized after each session!

Thank you for the group dynamic and energy. You have filled my bucket of happiness and fulfillment.

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