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Have you gone to a gym last week or this week? What did you see?

I saw people working hard on the mat, on the bikes and on the treadmills. I couldn’t even find a spot in my regular Yoga class. I was inspired by the New Year energy. At the same time, I can’t stop thinking – how many of them will continue to come throughout the year?

How could you make the New Year Resolution last? You got to know your brains better. New Year resolution is initiated by our Cognitive brain (cortical), that exercises awareness, short term memory, reflection, planning and decisions. And a lasting habit stays in our  emotional brain (limbic), which is in touch with our emotions, long term memory, and attention.

Life coaching works with the emotional brain to grow emotional intelligence. Through coaching, limbic starts to take changes into long term memory and habits are formed.  

A wise thing to do in new year is to hire a life coach to develop a new habit!

Hsuan-hua Chang, Certified Professional Coach

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