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Google Tests Dear Abby

This week has been fun. My LinkedIn connections have grown over 5k, my car over 100k, and an NYTimes article – Google Tests an A.I. Assistant That Offers Life Advice.

To keep up with the AI racing between tech companies, Google has a project that could give users suggestions or recommendations based on a situation. Dear Abby?

Per the article – “Scale AI, a contractor working with Google DeepMind assembled teams of workers to test the capabilities, including more than 100 experts with doctorates in different fields and even more workers who assess the tool’s responses, including testing the assistant’s ability to answer intimate questions about challenges in people’s lives.” “The tools are still being evaluated, and the company may decide not to employ them.”

I imagine a “Dear Abby” AI can be helpful if data + algorithm + AI model all work together and give decent advice.

About AI training –

I enjoyed Gen-AI courses provided by Microsoft + LinkedIn.

Courses #1 to #4 are easy to digest, and #5 is a bit more technical.

Passing a test of 40 questions rewards one with a Microsoft certificate.

Today, I learned about 10 free Google generative-AI courses.

Interestingly enough, it’s on the webpage of Google Cloud Skill Boost.

Courses #1 to #4 are the introduction, and #5 to #10 are more technical.

And you can join a 3-day classroom training. Google Cloud Skills Boost

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