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We are in a very different time right now with the impact of a pandemic. There are issues with the labor market (great resignation), supply chain, healthcare, and economy.  People are facing different challenges. They might have different needs to be met or they might have similar needs in different contexts.

Coaches are ready to support our clients. We might be required to leverage different coaching approaches or we might be required to evolve ourselves to serve our clients.

Today, I attended a WBECS session “What People Need Now: The Future of Coaching” by David Drake

David presented 5 Inquiries for coaches and coaching with proposals of shifts.

  1. What is our role with those we coach?
    – the shift from centered to de-centered
  2. How do we work with those we coach?
    – the shift from models to moments
  3. What is the purpose of coaching
    – the shift from responsive to regenerative
  4. How can I evolve as a coach?
    – the shift from normative to integrative.
  5. How does coaching need to evolve?
    – the shift from individuals to ecosystems

The questions and shifts were thought-provoking and triggered a lot of questions among coaches who were in the session.

At the same time, I would like to propose the following questions to you, my LinkedIn connections:

What are your needs right now?
How do you want your coach to work with you?

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