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Five Maturities for Being More and Doing Les

Today (6/14/23), I attended a webinar on “Do Less, Be More: Why you need the five maturities” by David Drake.

David proposed 5 maturities to support a coach, from being good to great. They are personal maturity, spiritual maturity, contextual maturity, professional maturity, and social maturity.

When we coach and increase these maturities, we can be present for what matters to our clients; therefore, we can help our clients create new behaviors from a new mindset.

I took a shot at using these maturities for my learning. It is working!

  • I noticed my client’s emotions by listening to the unsaid (personal maturity)
  • I shared my observation by tapping into my intuition (spiritual maturity)
  • My client shared his frustration of not seeing a resolution to his current dilemma.
  • I questioned about options of creating a win-win (contextual maturity)
  • My client started moving beyond his emotions and noticed what his real concern was (changed perspective triggered by my inquiries based on professional maturity)
  • My client was able to figure out a collaboration resolution, and I acknowledge his commitment to his project (social maturity)
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