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Many achievers have high expectations for themselves. When a mistake was made or a project didn’t go as the way expected, they blamed themselves. Sometimes, their own subconscious mind ended up placing strong negative energy on themselves and creating interference for their actions or well-being.

The expectation is a derivative of the memory. Our past experience got encoded, stored, and can influence retrieval in terms of what we expect will happen. It’s a prison of the past. *

When we can identify expectation as the known, and strengthen our capacity to sit in the knowing, we can let the knowns stop imprisoning us. This is the power of openness. *

When we are open to being a conduit, we are allowing things to flow as they are. *

Openness strengthens our ability to accept what is and what is happening. We can be present since we are not thinking of controlling. With openness, we will be perceiving and appreciate life more.

* quoted Daniel Siegel from Consciousness in the Interpersonal Neurobiology course on January 22

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