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Establish a New Habit

I took my morning walk after a 3-week break. Even my knee is not too happy but my mind is. That speaks to a good habit. When we have a habit, we miss it when we can’t do it. It’s also good to have more than one habit. I continued my swimming while I couldn’t walk far.

This principle is demonstrated in the Positive Intelligence program I am in. Establishing a few good habits to relieve us from being hijacked emotionally is helpful. Breathing, touching, hearing, feeling, all these small things can calm us down from being hijacked.

Last week’s homework was to pick up one thing that could be triggered and released. I chose “hyper-rational” since I could get into the logic program-solving mode and miss people’s emotions. And I resisted the work. I didn’t think I needed extra tips and I wasn’t too hyper-rational. When I was coaching my hyper-achiever client yesterday, I realized that I could have been a better resource for my clients if I had done my homework. That’s a good reminder to start paying more attention to my learning.

When we honor our true selves, we can live in the region of our brain associated with

  • Positive emotions
  • Peace and calm
  • Clear-headed focus
  • Creativity
  • Big picture

Every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift and opportunity from that space.

What good habits do you have? What good habits do you want to establish?

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