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I have working experience as a corporate employee and as an entrepreneur. When I worked in corporate, I enjoyed being engaged in large scale projects and working with teams. I might have had responsibility for end to end delivery but my work always had a defined scope.

Presently, as I work as an entrepreneur, not only am I mindful to maintain expertise for the service I provide, but I also take care of my branding, marketing, business management, outreach and customer relationships.  I keep up with the industry trends and envision market needs in order to grow my business. I go to conferences and take courses to make sure my knowledge is up to date. Through developing my own entrepreneurship, I have grown a lot of respect for entrepreneurs who have stable business and have passion to continue to learn and create. Entrepreneurship is a big mission to take on.

Some entrepreneurs view corporate jobs as an easy way to obtain stable income without the need to take risks. There is a degree of truth to this belief. At the same time, however, the corporate culture might not be positive and the management style might not be empowering.  There are limitations on what one can say and do. 8 to 5 jobs take self-discipline and office politics often drain energy. Age, gender and race discrimination do exist. Reward doesn’t always match up with effort. The price to pay for a steady income could be high.

Some corporate employees can’t understand why entrepreneurs want to go through the trouble to establish and sustain a business. It’s a fact that entrepreneurs are concerned about revenues and ROI all the time. Still, there is freedom and power to being one’s own boss. Entrepreneurs usually get rewarded for their effort. They want to obtain new business skills, have expert knowledge on what they are selling, and have continuous personal growth to handle the uncertainty and unpredictable changes. Learners with creative minds are drawn into what it takes to be successful. It’s an ultimate path to unlock one’s potential and there is a price to pay!

Our life purpose directs us to choose different paths. What is your choice? Are you happy with your choice?

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