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Energy Work

This is my tree, 620 steps from my home. I like to lean on it and feel its energy and wisdom.

When I come by early in the morning, I think of how my day would be. When I come by after work, I reflect on my day.

This week, I have received strong negative energy from my conscious mind. I had a few experiences with negative energy from subconscious minds.  They came and left quickly, and I learned how to work with them.

This one is very different; maybe it’s intentionally targeted or based on extremely strong emotions. The intensity of the “attack” frightens me.

A wise healer suggested that when I lean on the tree, exhaling to release all unwanted energy through the tree to the ground and inhale earthing energy from the ground through the tree to my body. I started practicing this yesterday and hope it will work over the next few days.

Another healer worked with me this morning to strengthen my energy field. I am grateful for the helping hands around me. Hopefully, this new challenge will provide an opportunity to explore and learn more in the energy realm.

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