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It has been 8 weeks since I completed an energy workshop.
Daily meditation and regular practice move me forward in performing healing. A
friend passed me a book “Your Hands Can Heal You” and that opened my eyes. It
inspired me to study a few other books on energy, chakras, intuitions and
intentions. It’s a new domain to step in and it’s fun.

Last week, a colleague violated my trust. It took me a few days to decide to let it go.
Forgiveness removes my anger and keeps my channel open to take in energy from the universe. I understand
now why my teacher has such a great presence. She believes in love, compassion
and forgiveness. She models for what she believes. Her world is beyond the
world we are dealing with every day; beyond fear, anger, anxiety, competition, pretending,
pleasing and gossiping. She lives in a world of peace and service.

This learning process and challenges I encountered will
continue to help me grow.

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