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Energy and Resilience

Three clients asked me how to raise their energy levels this week.

This is a short list I offered to them.

  • Good health – exercising, eating well, and sleeping well will increase our energy levels. Sickness will bring our energy level down.
  • Mediation – Calm our body/mind/spirit and repair our aura if needed.
  • Cleansing – Sage is good for releasing negative energy for our living space and our body/energy. It’s inevitable to experience negative energy in life but don’t let it be with us for too long. Crystals help too. Obsident rocks block the negative energy well.
  • Soundbath – Sound from singing bowls type of devices speak to our chakras. Chanting works too.
  • Self-compassion – When you expect too much of yourself with  “I should have” “I could have,” you send negative energy to yourself and bring your energy down. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, and have faith you are doing your best.
  • Self-awareness – The past events can be stuck in your energy field; those were difficult events that followed you around like a rain cloud; they can be easily triggered even if you thought you had dealt with them and moved past them. Observe yourself and notice what’s in your way to move forward freely.
  • Gratitude – embrace what we have and where we are at.
  • Be with positive folks to elevate each other’s energy with positivity, love, and happiness.

When we raise our energy, we become more resilient.

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