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End of Year (2022) Reflect & 2023 Theme

During 2022, many things happened with waves of happiness and sadness, learning and exploring, overwhelming and surprises, and it all came down to energy boosting or draining. Towards the end, measuring my energy, I say – This IS a good year with health and integration; I had fun and made a difference!


  • A stolen car could be found in 24 hours (Amazing surprise)
  • Any challenge that happened in life passed by quickly (reason to be resilient)
  • Any joy that happened in life passed by quickly (be present at the moment)
  • Real friendship never fades away (my treasure)
  • Knowing can’t be explained (my gift & curse)
  • Body, mind, and spirit are truly connected (energy balance & release are gifts!)
  • Our well-being & clarity can be impacted by other’s intense negative energy (yikes; still figuring this one out)
  • 60% of our body is water, and sound heals(swimming & singing bowls work for me!)


  • Generally, people love to learn and grow (it’s a pleasure to be their coach)
  • Performance comes from both personal & professional development (I coach both!)
  • Wellbeing creates clarity, and clarity creates productivity (7hr sleep + Eating healthy +  Exercise)
  • The inability to say “no” shapes your leadership misperception (You are responsible for your leaders’ reality)
  • Hold your teammates & stakeholders accountable (Have difficult conversations!)
  • New eyes to see what you don’t see (Value newcomer’s observation!)
  • Leaders who go beyond their close circle receive authentic feedback (Reality check!)
  • Empower your team instead of enabling them (Take a break and see what happens)

For 2023, my theme will be “One” –


  • Coaching & living life
  • Making sense & trusting intuition
  • Perceive consciousness & subconsciousness

Inspired by Rumi

“I have abolished duality from myself.
I have seen the two worlds as One!
One I seek, One I know,
One I see, and I call.”

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