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Three years ago, I took an Emotional Intelligence Test (EQ In Action Profile). I was so impressed by what I learned; I went through the training to become an EQ Profile consultant. Since then, I have given many tests and debrief sessions. At the same time, I have been very intentionally developing my own emotional intelligence. I felt I was making good progress by the results showing in my life. I became a stronger leader and had more balance and fun in life.


Yesterday, I retook the test and the data supported my observation of my growth. I am pleased by the result. There are some areas I can use more balance. I was not aware of it. I will keep an eye on those areas now. This test is a great tool to raise self-awareness.  I felt fortunate that I was introduced to the test and I could jump in the learning immediately. It’s an awesome journey. I will continue to use it to develop my clients and myselff. I am also learning how to introduce this test to others so they are willing to take it on and benefit from it.

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