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Emotion Intelligence

During these two weeks, I have final coaching sessions with many clients from a leadership development program. Their gratitude to me has been filling up my heart. It’s not for the sake of being acknowledged. It’s about witnessing their clarity on their own growth through gratitude.

No pain no gain! In the last 6 months, one of the hardest things for them to work on is facing their own emotions, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, shame, joy, and love. The emotions they shared with me were raw and real. Without courage and willingness to experience pain, they could not have done what they did – be in touch with their emotions, manage them instead of reacting to them and then be accountable for their choices and actions.

I always remember my EQ teacher’s sharing – people do things (or don’t do things) because they feel safe. 

From this perspective, we have more compassion to accept why sometimes people do certain things and more self-compassion towards ourselves about our actions and outcomes. 

Safety is a sacred place to be! There, we can be more accountable for our emotions and actions and less blame.

All emotions are essential ones. Let’s not label them as negative or positive. Each of them comes with gifts.

  • Anger: Boundary, direction, motivation
  • Anxiety: Clarity
  • Fear: Safety
  • Sadness: Sensitivity
  • Shame: Humility
  • Joy: Vitality
  • Love: Warmth

Embrace them all to broaden your capacity to be a stronger leader, a better partner, a friend, and a better parent!

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