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I walked out of my house and was very surprised to see how many flowers and plants sitting in my neighbor’s driveway.  “There are too many of them”, I told my daughter, “and it saves a lot of money to buy smaller plants and plant them apart so they have room to grow”.

A few hours later, a gardener planted them along the driveway They looked so beautiful that I started to see something I didn’t see before. My neighbor was looking for “immediate effect” as model homes.  There was no concern about saving money or maintenance. They live in a different world from me.

Let’s call model home style "rich man" distinctions and mine “poor man” distinctions. Would I be a good coach coaching from my distinctions for clients who have "rich man" distinctions?

Quite a few leadership coaches claim that “you got to be a leader to be a leadership coach!." I am not sure if that’s the fact. And I do see that I can’t coach my leader clients from "followers" distinctions. J

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