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Crystal/Energetic Protection

In Taiwan, men are obligated to 2-year military service after college. Unfortunately, my older brother passed away during the service. A year later, my friend visited and showed me a lucky charm he wore during the protection service. I looked at this little red thing and wondered, could that have saved my brother’s life?

When I started to do energy work, my dear friend Marijo Puleo told me that there were two most important things for energy practitioners; one is integrity, and another is Shungite, a crystal that absorbs negative energy. I believed it.

I have been wearing my Shungite since. It also absorbs EMF and has healing power. I know it protects me because it needs to be cleaned daily when vital negative energy comes at me. I rinse it under fresh water for a few minutes for cleansing.

My daughter taught me to clean my crystals with the full moon. It works well, also.

Do you have any crystals? Unique properties of all kinds! A magic world!

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