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I was in Xitang three days ago. It’s a beautiful ancient town in Southern China. It has a picture view of natural scenery and primitive life style. There are nine rivers cross the town with quite some small bridges connect eight sections of land. People living alone the rivers wash their cloths in the river by hands in the morning. At night, fishing boats come in with the sunset. Four of us spent $10 USD to stay in a house next to a river. In this ancient small town, we walked around and enjoyed the peace and history.


The next day, we went to Shanghai after driving less than 2 hours from Xitang. Shanghai is a big city with a lot of traffic, big buildings and people everywhere. That night, we were in Bund next to Huangpu River and watched lights from all of the business buildings in the area. The twenty-four major structures, of uneven height along approximately 1.5 kilometers of Zhongshan Lu and the Huangpu River, have changed little externally since the 1930s.  All were constructed in western-inspired styles –classical, Gothic, renaissance, eclectic and modern–a reported seventeen styles of architecture.  The Bund has been called a ‘museum of international architecture,’ and indeed it was and still is.


Today, I woke up at home – beautiful Redmond with trees and fresh air. I touched things I missed a lot in the last two weeks – my laptop, my car and cell phone. I realized how much I take all of these for granted – fresh air, modern life styles and spaces. Especially, the resource I have around me.  


Hsuan-hua Chang, Certified Professional Coach

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