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During a family trip with my kids, we had a conversation: “Is this generation more connected using technology”? Or, “Are they missing a physical connection” due to the convenience of technology?

I love technology, especially those that connect people. When I was visiting Tibet and saw that many of the monks were using cell phones in 2002, I was in awe. At the time, people in the US had just begun use of cell phones. My work group, focusing on wireless data,  was about to fold since there was not yet a need for data.

Now, wireless data is part of life for most people; especially the X and Y generations. One common scenario is that people check out information while they are in a conversation. They search for the definition of words, directions to a shop, a rating for a product and the history of a discussion topic. They listen to music, watch YouTube or movie trailers using the data capability of their cell phone.

Most people have an unlimited text plan. They send text messages to each other, social media sites alert them when their favorite people post something and their voice mail goes like this: “I can’t answer the phone right now, please text me if this is an emergency”.

With 4G LTE network availability, more people will make greater use of their cell phones and push the wireless industry to keep moving faster and better.

Do technologies make people more connected?

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