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Over the past several years, I have attended many conferences, trade shows and training events.  Of these, I’ve found myself especially inspired by coach training conferences, such as the ICF (International Coach Federation) Global conference held in London last autumn.  These events feed my soul. By participating, I am able to renew my life purpose and re-evaluate my path.

When I attend a technology conference or training, my curiosity and passion for new technologies are satisfied. I am able to realize ideas and concepts learned at these events in my career; for example, the social media platform that I built for the AT&T Developer Program was inspired by such a conference.

Through attending such events, I’ve gradually developed an interdisciplinary lens on business, technology and humanity. By bridging the gaps among these three distinct sectors, I am able to see unique business opportunities and build relationships with like-minded people based on synergy and vision.

Recently, I attended the three day WIMA NFC/Proximity Solutions conference. The great speakers, rich information and diverse attendees that I encountered were inspiring.  One outstanding presenter at this conference was Patrick Meyer, the CEO Futurist, Biz 3.0 Expert, and author of the book Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile.

This book provides insight on mobile development, where it is now, and its path into the future. Meyer’s vision inspires me since it echoes my purpose for writing Everyday NFC to educate people about this accessible, yet underutilized technology. I hope my book will serve as a source of information and inspiration for the many visionaries and innovators I have yet to meet.

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