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Swimming is meditation for me. I focus on breathing in and out, do each stroke intentionally and embrace the water. After 30 minutes, I feel renewed.

My swimming coach (my daughter) came along a few months back. She pointed out the improvements needed for my strokes and kicks. That set me right back to a clumsy state.  When I focused on my strokes, I lost my kicks. When I improved my kicks, my strokes went south. When I focused on both, I forgot to breathe and sank. It took me a few weeks to recover my ease and grace in the water.

Now, I am leading a group coaching “Manager as Coach.” Valuable tips (attached) are given to managers on evaluating their team members’ competence and confidence and managing/coaching accordingly.

One tip I add into the consideration is – if a team member has just established his/her confidence and competence, coach gently; one feedback at a time.

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