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Cheryl Richardson made an impressive key note speech in ICF (International Coach Federation) 10th conference.

She spoke to over 1000 coaches that they shall allow 18months to 2 years to build their coaching business and have secure income to support  them during this time.

She sees a great potential for coaches in the following areas –

  1. working with Aging populations; who are working with aging parents and working towards their own retirement…etc.
  2. Economic destiny coach – support 45+ people choose another career when their current career comes to an end ..etc
  3. Group coaching – support people who are overcoming debts…etc.
  4. Political field …coaching political leaders ..etc
  5. International coaching – coaching business men in Asia – how to do biz with US
  6. Health coaching  – life style and choices ..etc
  7. Medical community – using health coaching as backbone to build a healthier community.. etc

Hsuan-hua Chang, Certified Professional Coach

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