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We are living in a changing world. How to adapt changes is an important skill to learn.

Changes create a lot of stress. People react emotionally when under stress. If they have a constructive outlet for their emotions, they can be guided and learned from the experience.

In an organization, if leaders prepare their teams before a change happens, the stress can be reduced.  When people understand a change, they tend to see the possibility from the change and take it more positively.

When a change happens because of cutting cost, leaders need to be honest about it instead of sugar-coding it. This will build trust and set the model of taking accountability. Therefore, introducing changes is an art.

“The Change Cycle” written by Brock and Salerno teaches readers about six predictable and sequential stages; i.e. loss, doubt, discomfort, discovery, understanding, and integration. This model helps people understand what they can expect, from themselves and others, as they move through each stage of the Chang Cycle.

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