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Change and Transition

On the way to the gym, I told my daughter, “I should get a correction on my back from our chiropractic doctor.” She responded, “Does it hurt?”. I said, “Not really, just when I get up from sitting..” Suddenly, it clicked. I looked at her, “That’s what happened when you told me to kick with my whole legs.”

My daughter is my swimming coach. When she visits, she coaches me. Kicking with my knees is bad practice and doesn’t allow me to float well. I was committed to improving, but my body protested.

Doesn’t this happen in our life in general? Our body, mind, and spirit all have their comfort zone. When we change, they will complain and want to return to the old way, even if the change is for the better. Same with the people who are close to us. They often want to hold us back when we change because they no longer know how to work with us.

The new year comes with new hopes. Many want to make a change to be healthier, happier, more productive, or more peaceful. While making changes, remember there is a cost to pay. We might have to struggle with the resistance from ourselves or others. Sharing our struggles and commitments with a coach helps. They listen and support us to see our bland spots.

Remember, the transitional phase will pass and the new comfort zone will work much better! Are you looking forward to 2024?

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