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I went to my friend Alan’s birthday party yesterday. He called it “Celebration for Life” party. Most of his family and friends got together in this beautify place "The Canal" next to Ballard Locks near Seattle. Locks provide a link for boats between the saltwater of the Puget Sound and the fresh water of the  Lake Union and Lake Washington. We tasted great wine and delicious south sea food while chatting, watching the boats passing by in sunset and watching beautiful south-sea dance. Alan just came back from South Sea and loved there. Then, we took turn to share stories about Alan, who usually had walls around him; yet a kind and generous gentleman. While teasing him, we laughed with tears in our eyes. Alan passed away on April 30th  at the age of 59. We really wished he was there to share the moments with us. I wished I had talked to him more often than I did.  “Celebration of Life” reminded me to be alive, be present with the power of now and enjoy life while my family and friends are around. It also reminded me the tenderness shining through the walls of Alan while we were together. Alan will always be a dear friend.

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