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Many companies are facing retention/hiring issues since one of the pandemic impacts to people is career re-evaluation. Therefore, how to build trust among the team is a critical task for managers. Without trust, you can’t retain your people.

Great Place to Work® identified the 9 areas where leader and manager actions, behaviors, and communications have the greatest impact on the level of trust in an organization. They are:

  • Hiring: Hiring practices to ensure new employees fit into the culture.
  • Speaking: Leaders provide information honestly and transparently.
  • Listening: Leaders are accessible and actively seek employee input.
  • Thanking: Employees are appreciated regularly for their work.
  • Developing: Leaders help employees to grow.
  • Celebrating: Successes are regularly celebrated.
  • Inspiring: Employees see how they contribute to the organization’s higher purpose.
  • Sharing: Rewards of mutual efforts are shared equitably with all who helped produce the results and are shared with communities.
  • Caring: Employees are supported as people with lives outside of work, especially in times of need; the workplace is inclusive and embraces diversity; benefits are meaningful and distinctive.Are you leading towards building trust?
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