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While getting ready to wrap up my group coaching on Building Resilience, we discussed the importance of physical health and social connections.

Exercising, balanced diets, and good sleep form the foundation of our physical health. We live in a toxic world; excess stress hormones and waste in the body, heavy mental penetrated water and food, mold air pollution in the living/working spaces, medications, radio frequency from cell phones and laptops…etc.

Exercising and diets help detox. Quality sleep supports healing and renewal. When we invest in self-care, we are building our resilience.

Networks of Social support are the best predictors of how long we live, how happy we are, how medically healthy we are, and even how mentally healthy we are. (quoted Daniel Siegel ).

Interpersonal neurobiology defines a relationship as the sharing of energy and information flow. Relationships are not independent of the brain/mind in the whole body, they shape our brain and mind. When we continue to have attachment figures in our life span; friends, mentors, and romantic partners, we have a sense of well-being. That supports us to build resilience!

These 6-week dialogues about building resilience support my integration of the topic and I have truly experienced how the power of social connections supports building our resilience. Send my love and appreciation to my group!

“Building Resilience is a continuous process of calibration so that we grow stronger from adversities and challenges.”

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