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In our development; there are two ways to grow; one is a direct impact of an experience on us and the other is we adapt to that direct impact ~ Dan Siegal

I believe that resilience can be grown through secure relationships; i.e. creating a direct and positive impact of an experience on others

A secure relationship is usually composed of 4 Ss.

  • Being seen
  • Being soothed
  • Being safe
  • Being secure

Are you a leader who wants to build a resilient team?

Here are some tips to build secure relationships with your team members based on the 4Ss:
– See them for who they are and listen to them deeply so they feel seen, heard, trusted, and connected authentically.
– Support them move from distress to equilibrium and feel “I am going to be OK”
– Ensure them you have their back so they feel safe to speak up
– Allow them to make mistakes and know relationships and communications can be repaired

Any particular work you want to develop for your leadership?

Any thoughts or experiences to share? I am always ready to learn from you!

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