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I hosted a workshop on “Branding Your Business for Success” and guided my participants through the branding discover process as follows:

  1. Reflect upon the values that are most important for them
  2. Describe their unique business offer
  3. Group feedback

During the two-hour session, we accomplished self-reflection, brand discovery and had a positive momentum towards further brand exploration. I am sharing my insights from the workshop.

  • Self-reflection and self-awareness are the foundation for a brand. It takes courage and patient to do the foundational work authentically.
  • It is very helpful to discuss a brand when one knows clearly who his/her ideal clients are.
  • Knowing your target market is the most important step when business owners design their business strategy.
  • Business owner need to be clear about their vision, mission and business goals before they decide their business strategy and brand.
  • Testing your brand with an advisory group helps to learn its impact.

In short, branding is an ongoing process. There are prerequisites before starting the process and continuous work to define and re-define your brand. Your brand will evolve over time concurrent with personal or professional growth.

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