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Body Code & Xbb1.5 (Omicron Variant Kraken)

Our spirit body is a highly refined matter. When it goes out of balance, it affects our physical body’s functioning. At the same time, It makes it hard to keep our spirit body in balance when our physical body is fighting pathogens or toxins. Sometimes, we experience an imbalance in both bodies, and our health and spirit suffer.

I studied the Body Code and Emotion Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson in 2020, received my certificates for both, and have been practicing since. The work is based on the subconscious mind’s wisdom to heal through the interconnection with the body, mind, and spirit. To utilize the Body Code fully, there are four principles to follow, i.e., love, intention, prayer, and gratitude. I have done over 2000 cases by now and witnessed the effectiveness of the energy work.

In 2023, most cases I experienced were about the Omicron variant xbb1.5.

Professor Ravi Gupta, Cambridge University, stated in January 2023 – “The new Omicron Xbb1.5 is a recombinant, i.e. a mixture of different viruses that have been circulating in the last few months and a couple of mutations added on top of it. It’s an acquired mutation that both enhances its ability to avoid the immune system and also to latch on more tightly to ACE2 which is the receptor on our long cells and cells on our nose and throat that allows infection.”

I observed a pattern regardless of age, gender, race, continent, or vaccination status.

  • The urinary system (Urethra, Bladder, Kidney, and Ureter) is compromised
  • Vegas nerve becomes out of balance
  • Lumbar vertebrates are out of balance
  • Cervical vertebrates are out of balance
  • Circadian Rhythm and Diurnal cycle are out of balance
  • Throat, brow, and crown Chakra are out of balance

The virus stays in our body for months (vs. a few weeks for other Omicron variants); some might be more tired or lack good brain power for studying or work. (Note, C1 impacts our brain function/clarity). Some might test negative if the virus load is small. We might be exposed to it again before we are recovered. Therefore, self-care is very important at this time.

The emotions of conflict, terror, unsupported, blaming, dread, fear, horror, and peeved are associated with the kidneys or bladders.  Be mindful of your emotional state while recovering from xbb1.5. Also, cutting sugar and stress will help your kidneys tremendously during recovery time.

I am concerned about the impact of this variant. With the declining rate of cases/death/hospitalization, the consensus is we are over Covid. Many have been exposed to the variant without symptoms and don’t know the health impact. Family doctors might start to see various issues soon.

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