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Body Balance and Its Compensation

My right shoulder and arm were unhappy with my excessive energy work,  so I started using my left arm in March. Yesterday, During my regular visit to my acupuncturist,  I asked for special attention to both shoulders and arms.

Needles in, ready for a nap. 5 minutes in. Ooh. Sharp pain started in my left hand. It lasted 10 minutes, and then my left elbow started to feel numb and bloated for another 10 minutes. Finally, they settled. The symptoms showed chi/energy was not flowing well in my left arm. That’s surprising since I didn’t detect any issues there. Glad it’s fixed.

I noticed a similar situation with my energy work. I would ask, “How is your left knee? I sensed imbalance”. The answer usually was, “It’s ok. It’s my right knee having trouble.” We went ahead to balance the left knee anyway because the right knee issue would show up right after.

Our body is magical. It compensates for issues without our knowledge. And, after a while, our bodies will be out of balance. For example, the left knee became out of balance because of taking on more work for the right one. If the kidneys are weak, your liver will do more work. After a while, the liver might be exhausted.

It’s critical to balance our organs, body, emotions, and energy as much as possible.  A healthy lifestyle is key. Regular maintenance checks with your doctors are a must.

Acupuncturists, Chiropractic doctors, and energy healers can be helpful too.

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