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Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s goal is to start a global conversation on poverty.


Coming from a developing country, I grew up in a very simple life style. In grade school, our lunch left over was sent to feed the pigs that were raised by the teachers in school ground. When the pigs grew up, they became our lunch. We learned not to waste food. We didn’t have hot water tank. We cooked water for hot water when needed. We were used to using cold water.


If you ever go to Costco when it closes, you will see all of the left over from the food  stand was dumped as trash. And I heard that it’s common practice in all restaurants. When I am in the gym, I see people stay in the shower for a long time and take hot water for granted.


I don’t really know how to start a poverty conversation in this environment.


A month ago, I donated my leadership coaching gift certificates for United Way auction at work.  My peer in charge rejected them and told me that my agenda was not in the spirit of the United Way. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I found another peer in charge to accept my gifts and raised more than $500 for the poor. I do what I can do in this environment where I don’t know how to start a poverty conversation.

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