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One of my college friend contacted me once for a while over the years. Last year, when he realized that I was divorced, he started to send me daily Bible story. And I am a Buddhist.

Every morning, when I check my email, the story is there. Sometimes, I read the story. Sometimes, I simple delete it when my mail box is full. But every morning when I see his email, I know he is there for me as a dear friend.

To me, he is fully engaged in my life (all the way across the Pacific Ocean) and he is not attached to what I do with the stories. He just wants me to have a great life. That’s a great example of being engaged and not attached.

When I coach my clients about relationships, I see attachment to certain outcome always creates conflicts. Then, people withdraw from the relationship¬†because they don’t like the impact of conflicts. Therefore, engagement is gone and life is shirking. For me, I choose to be engaged and I constantly learn not to be attached through the breakdowns of attachments. It’s a journey I am willing to be with.

What do you choose to do with your engagement and attachment?



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