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Asynchronous Coaching on Social Media

A graduate student wanted to interview me for his master’s thesis about asynchronous coaching on social media. “What an interesting topic! Sure!” I agreed right away.

We met over Zoom. His question was – “Can Online asynchronous (indirect) coaching via social media platforms improve self-awareness and growth?” I have never thought my LinkedIn posts are coaching, and I do believe my posts help raise self-awareness and growth.

During our conversation, I started to explore the possibility beyond traditional coaching.  When we broadened the definition of coaching, many expressions can be seen as coaching.  Why not social media posts? I took coaching training to parent my risk-taking teen more effectively. After obtaining my certification, I also applied the coaching skills in team building for my corp job. These definitely could be counted as coaching practices.

Linkedin posts can be used for brainstorming ideas, exchanging perspectives and knowledge, and sharing stories and insights. These all can be grouped under the asynchronous coaching umbrella since they can positively impact readers. I am happy with the impact of this interview on me. Thank you for the opportunity, my friend in Ireland.

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