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Are You Passionate About Your Career?

I have a ritual before going to sleep – watching a few minutes of America’s/Britain’s Got Talent.

These amateur performers may be nervous or shy when stepping onto the stage. The minute they start to sing, they are stars. Their passion for singing comes right through their presence.  Autistic or speech impediments people who can’t speak well can sing like angels. Some young people have such deep emotional expressions that make me wonder how old their souls are. The Terminal-ill Nightbirds sang “it’s ok” so beautifully that she moved the entire audience.

The passion and courage I witness warm my heart.

Do you have a passion for your work?

Recently, a few young people asked me “Do I have to find a career I have passion for?” As their coach, I didn’t want to give them advice, and I shared my experience. When I worked on something I had a passion for, I was energized; otherwise, my energy was drained. Of course, every career has its draining moments. Noticing how often you are energized is a good indication of a career for you. I also shared that watching my daughter teaching 8th graders in downtown LA. I know passion is not enough; strengths, conviction, and support make it possible to have a fulfilling career.

Are you passionate about your career?

Any advice to young people who are looking for a new career?

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