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In relationships, when we accept a person for who he is, we can drop the expectation or attachment on who he is supposed to be. When we are truly operating from acceptance, we have total freedom to choose how we want to be in a relationship.

It sounds easy and it’s hard to do in all our relationships.

I found it’s much easier to exercise acceptance with my children; especiall with the adult one who has very little impact on my life.

I found it’s much harder to exercise acceptance in an intimate relationship since my partner’s choices had direct impact on me. I learned that if I didn’t accept my partner for who he was, I could make a different choice regarding our relationship. To stay in a relationship as a victim was because one saw no choice. When a person has clarity that he/she creates the impact that others have on him/her, he/she will see choices and relationship dynamic will change accordingly.

How would you like to exercise your acceptance?


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